Is Polished Concrete Suitable For My Home?

More and more in the maritimes we are seeing a demand for decorative concrete floors in residential applications. Although this flooring has traditionally been more popular in a commercial or industrial setting it is an excellent choice for a residential application. Here are some reasons why:



One of the reasons that Polished concrete has become a popular choice for places like factories, warehouses and big box stores is the durability. After all it is concrete! In a residential setting this durability is increased ten fold as it takes a lot less of  a beating. Making it a great way to go if you have kids or large dogs or anything else that could damage hardwood, tile or carpet.


Low Maintenance:

Polished concrete is also a favorable choice because of the low maintenance. Most of the time it only requires to be swept or it can be mopped with just plain water or a light PH neutral cleaner.


Friendly To The Environment:

Compared to any other flooring choice polished concrete is environmentally friendly for several reasons. To begin with on installation you eliminate the need for flooring to be produced; no trees need to be cut down, no stone needs to be provided by a quarry, no need for textiles and all of the harmful chemicals along the way. The process consists of refining the concrete to a point where it has a shine and as little as one chemical is needed, being a lithium silicate densifier to strengthen the floor.  Optional is a  sealer to protect the floor  from staining. It also is better to the environment because it outlasts traditional flooring.


Modern Look:

Polished concrete lends itself to a modern minimalistic look. There are many options to colour the concrete, cut tile patterns in it and different aggregate if starting from scratch.



In many cases polished concrete be less costly than other flooring saving you on your build or renovation. It also carries a much much lower maintenance cost in the long term.


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