A Greener Floor For Your Home

Polished concrete is increasingly being sought out as a residential flooring solution.

There are many reasons for this. Polished concrete in a residential setting will last a lifetime. It cost as little as a third of the cost of traditional flooring solutions. It is unmatched in environmental sustainability and counts toward a LEED certification. It can be customised to fit the decor of your home.

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concrete polishing shiny aggregate deltacrete meteghan nova scotia nb moncton pei.JPG

a clean and modern look

Above you will see a 1500 Grit polish with a Class C or full aggregate exposure. One of the many variations we offer. Click on the Gallery tab at the top of the page for more examples.

deltacrete halifax moncton nb ns epoxy concrete floors bar.JPG


Polished concrete can also be great for garages that are used as a second living room or to store a sports car. 



Polished concrete offers a broad range of customisation options. We can dye it many colours and add decorative cuts to give it a more tile like appearance.